Initialize a project
Initialize a project

Init a project

The command init is a command for reading the Qikfile and make action according to what he has read.

Using a git link

Use the init command using a git link requires that you have permission to clone the project with git and that there is enough space to clone it. Once cloned, Qik will read the Qifile in order to execute the commands found in it.

qik init <your git link>

Using an alias

Use the init command with an alias works in the same way as with a git link, only it involves keywords, the way in which the keywords are defined is specified here.

qik init <your alias>

Using a default alias

Using the init command with a default alias is the most different of the three functions. Default aliases are enabled by default but can be disabled. Default aliases allow you to make the transition to qik more quickly. In effect, they offer to initialise a React, Next etc. project with qik. They simply use the npm or npx commands to initialise React projects etc. The list of default aliases and how to disable them is available here.

qik init <default alias>

Testing your Qikfile / Use a directory to init with a Qikfile

The init command allows you to test your Qikfile without having to create a git repository. It is also possible to use a directory containing a Qikfile to initialise a project. In the directory containing the Qikfile, you can use the init command without any arguments.

qik init