Initialize a project
Default aliases

Default Aliases

The default aliases function is used to make the transition to qik. With the default aliases you can install Next, React... This function is activated by default, but you can activate it using the detailed command here.

Default aliases available

reactTo initialise a React project using npx create-react-app.
nextTo initialise a Next project using npx create-next-app.
tauriTo initialise a Tauri project using npm create tauri-app@latest.
vueTo initialise a Vue project using npm create vue@latest.
nuxtTo initialise a Nuxt project using npx nuxi@latest init.
viteTo initialise a Vite project using npm create vite@latest.
astroTo initialise a Astro project using npm create astro@latest.
svelteTo initialise a Svelte project using npm create svelte@latest.

Toggle default alias

To toggle the default aliases, use this command:

qik tda